Friday, February 15, 2019

2019 02

I am in the process of finding a new engine block for 2019. It seems Keith Black has moved locations and is not set up to machine blocks. New Century is waiting castings. I am looking into a Dart Big M iron block. I was planing on going to Pines Tops, now I am not so sure. We will see how things work out with a block then go on from there!

Friday, July 20, 2012

2012 combined schedule, produced by Jen Clark

East Coast12.05.1207:00BUCK MOTORSPORTS PARK95SS/10PS - 75 MOD - 62 MOD 2WD - 62 MOD 4X4
East Coast26.05.1206:00BOONSBORO, MD95SS/10PS - 75 MOD - 62 MOD 2WD - HOT ROD SEMIS
PPL02.06.12Salem, IN, SalemSpeedwayPro Modified 4WD Truck,Super Farm,Light Weight SS Tractor
NTPA09.06.1206:00Ellsworth, WIHSS- Diesel Only, TWD, SF, LLS
East Coast09.06.1207:00BUCK MOTORSPORTS PARK,PA95SS/10PS - 75 MOD - 62 MOD 4X4 - ITTPA 77 LT LIM TURBO
ESP10.06.121:00 nachm.Dansville, NY SF, LSS, 2WD, HSS, MOD
ESP15.06.12Shedden, ONTHSS & MOD (Non-Point Event)
East Coast15.06.1207:30WINCHESTER, VA95SS/10PS - 62 MOD 4X4 - 62 MOD 2WD - PS DIESEL 4X4
PPL16.06.127:00 nachm.Wilmington, OH Super Modified, Unlimited SS,SM2WD Truck,Pro Stock Tractor
ESP17.06.121:00 nachm.Chaffee, NYLSS, SF, 2WD, HSS, MOD, 4WD
NTPAJune 21-24Tomah, WI
NTPA23.06.127:00 nachm.Springfield, TNHSS,TWD,LSS,PS
East Coast23.06.12POCOMOKE CITY, MD95SS/10PS - 75 MOD - 62 MOD 2WD - 62 MOD 4X4
NTPA25.06.127:00 nachm.Rushville, INTWD,PS,HSS
ESP29.06.12Bolton, ONTHSS & MOD (Non-Point Event)
NTPA30.06.127PMUnity, WISF,FWD,LSS,Mini
PPL30.06.12Macon, MOUnlimited SS Tractor,SM2WD Truck,Light Weight SS Tractor
PPL30.06.12Macon, MOUnlimited SS Tractor,SM2WD Truck,Light Weight SS Tractor
NTPA03.07.127PMShelbyville, INLSS,TWD
PPL07.07.12Fairfield, ILSuper Modified ,SM2WD Truck,Super Farm , Pro Stock 
PPL12.07.12Freeport, IL Evening SessionSuper Modified Tractor,Pro Stock Tractor,Light Weight SS Tractor
PPL13.07.12Freeport, IL Evening SessionUnlimited SS Tractor,Light Weight SS Tractor
NTPAJuly 13-146PMNew Hampton, IALT Unl., TWD, LSS, MOD, SSD
ESP13.07.127:00 nachm.Alexander, NYLSS, SF, HSS, MOD,4WD
ESP14.07.127:00 nachm.Alexander, NYLSS, SF, 2WD, HSS, MOD
NTPA14.07.127pmLogansport, INLSS,FWD, SF
East Coast14.07.1206:00BOONSBORO, MD95SS/10PS - 75 MOD - 62 MOD 2WD - 62 MOD 4X4
PPL15.07.12Knoxville, IAPro Modified 4WD Truck,Pro Stock Tractor,Light Weight SS Tractor
ESP15.07.121:00 nachm.Woodhull, NY2WD, HSS, MOD,SF,4WD
NTPA17.07.127:00 nachm.Hartford, MISF,TWD,MOD
NYPTA18.07.127:30 nachm.Ballston Spa,NY SS,TWD
NYPTA19.07.127:00 nachm.Lowville, NY     SS,TWO,MOD
NYPTA19.07.127:00 nachm.Hemlock, NYSF,FWD
NYPTA20.07.126:30 nachm.Hemlock, NYSS,TWD,MOD
East Coast20.07.1207:00EASTON, MD$4,500.00 PURSE: 95SS/10PS - 75 MOD - 62 MOD 2WD - 62 MOD 4X4
East Coast21.07.1207:00LAPLATA, MD95SS/10PS - 75 MOD - 62 MOD 2WD - 62 MOD 4X4
ESP21.07.126:00 nachm.Penn Yan,  NY **LSS, SF, 2WD, HSS, MOD
ESP23.07.126:30 nachm.Troy, PASF, 2WD, HSS, MOD
PPL26.07.1212:00 nachm.Goshen, IN Super Modified,Unlimited SS,SM2WD,PM4WD,Semi,SF,PS, Light SS
NTPA26.07.127pmDubuque, IATWD,SF,LSS,HSS-diesel only
NYPTA26.07.127:00 nachm.North Harverhill,NH SS,SF
NYPTA27.07.127:00 nachm.Boonville,NY SS,MOD
NTPAJuly 27-287PMBrandenburg, KYLLS,TWD,SF
East Coast27.07.127:00 vorm.BEL AIR, MD95SS/10PS - 75 MOD - 62 MOD 2WD
East Coast28.07.127:00 vorm.BEL AIR, MD95SS/10PS - 75 MOD - 62 MOD 2WD
NYPTA28.07.124:00 nachm.Cobleskill,NYTWD,SF,FWD
NYPTA28.07.127:00 nachm.Whitney Point,NY SS,MOD 
ESP29.07.122:00 nachm.Holley, NYSF, LSS, MOD, HSS
NYPTA29.07.124:00 nachm.Cobleskill,NY   TWD,SS,MOD
NYPTA30.07.127:00 nachm.St Hyacinthe QC, Canada SS,TWD
NYPTA31.07.127:00 nachm.St Hyacinthe QC, CanadaSS,TWD
East Coast01.08.127:00 vorm.LEBANON, PA3,500.00 PURSE: 95SS/10PS - 62 MOD 4X4
NYPTA01.08.127:00 nachm.St Hyacinthe QC, CanadaSS
PPL03.08.12Altamont, ILSuper Modified 2WD Truck,Pro Stock,LSS Tractor
NYPTA03.08.12TenativeGovernuer,NY SS,MOD
NTPA04.08.1206:30Waverly, IASF,TWD,LSS,HSS
East Coast04.08.1207:00BUCK MOTORSPORTS PARK95SS/10PS - 75 MOD - 62 MOD 4X4 - ITTPA 85 MOD TURBO
ESP04.08.12Embro, ONTHSS & MOD (Non-Point Event)
ESP05.08.1212:30 nachm.Langford, NY *LSS, SF, 2WD, HSS, MOD, 4WD-RAISED PURSE
NYPTA05.08.1212:30 nachm.LangfordSS,TWD,MOD,SF
NYPTA09.08.127:00 nachm.Norwich,NYSS,MOD
ESP10.08.128:00 nachm.Pittsfield, PAHSS & MOD
NYPTA10.08.127:00 nachm.Honesdale, PA  SS,MOD
PPL10.08.12Hillsboro, WISuper Modified,Unlimited SS,PM4WD,SF,ProS,LSS
PPL11.08.12Hillsboro, WISuper Modified,Unlimited SS,PM4WD,SF,ProS,LSS
East Coast11.08.1207:00LISTIE, PA62 MOD 2WD - 95SS/10PS - 62 MOD 4X4
NTPA11.08.1206:00Norwalk, WILSS,SF,TWD, HSS-Diesel Only
NYPTA11.08.127:00 nachm.Norwich,NYSF,TWD,FWD 
NYPTA15.08.127:30 nachm.Walton, NYSS,TWD,MOD
NYPTA17.08.127:00 nachm.Frankfort,NYSS,TWD,MOD
PPL17.08.12Hamburg, NYSup. Modified,Unlimited SS,PM 4WD,SF
NTPAAug.17-19Bowling Green, OH
ESP17.08.127:30 nachm.Pike, NYLSS, SF, HSS, MOD, 4WD
ESP18.08.127:30 nachm.Pike, NYLSS, SF, 2WD, HSS, MOD
East Coast18.08.12HARRISONBURG, VA95SS/10PS - 62 MOD 2WD - 62 MOD 4X4 - 75 MOD - PS DIESEL 4X4
PPL18.08.12Hamburg, NYSup. Modified,Unlimited SS,PM 4WD,SF
NTPAAug 24-257:00 nachm.Jefferson City, MOSSD,FWD,LSS,UNL
ESP25.08.123:00 nachm.WNY Steam GroundsLSS, SF, 2WD, HSS, MOD, 4WD
25.08.121 & 7 PM Greenwich,NY1pm SS,TWD,MOD,SF
PPL29.08.12Boone, IALight Weight SS Tractor,Pro Stock Tractor
NYPTA29.08.1207:00Fonda, NY SS,MOD
31.08.121 & 7 PMSchaghticike,NY1pm SS,TWD,SF
NYPTA01.09.124:00 nachm.Chatham, NY SS,TWD,MOD
ESP02.09.121:00 nachm.Chaffee, NYLSS, SF, 2WD, HSS, MOD, 4WD
NTPA03.09.12noonMarshfield, WISF,FWD,LSS
NYPTA03.09.121:00 nachm.Rutland VT   SS,TWD,MOD,SF
NYPTA08.09.127:30 nachm.Hebron,CTTWD, FWD 
NYPTA09.09.1212:00 nachm.Hebron,CTSS,MOD, SF 
East Coast15.09.1207:00BUCK MOTORSPORTS PARK95SS/10PS - 75 MOD - 62 MOD 2WD - 62 MOD 4X4
NTPA15.09.1206:00Enderle Pull Off- Urbana, OH
East Coast17.09.1206:30FREDERICK, MD75 MOD - 62 MOD 2WD - 95SS/10PS
East Coast18.09.1206:30FREDERICK, MD95SS/10PS - 62 MOD 4X4 - PS DIESEL 4X4 - HOT ROD SEMIS