Sunday, August 31, 2008

June 14th

the rebuild for the 2007 season has become a real challenge. Between not being able to get parts, parts being lost in shipping and then not fitting when they arrived it has made for a lot of hours spent.
I missed the first pull at Dansville, but we should be ready for Holly. The new configuration has a lot of promise for the 2007 season.
All that is left is making another fuel pump adapter, fuel system and wiring. ALLLL! that sounds like enough.

Biggest challenge was getting the motors to line up with the gear box with out drive shafts, after i made new mounts, but after much work everything is lined up.

I made a couple of changes to the frame, I am a little apprehensive about doing that. The tractor went straight 98% of the time. What I am looking for is it to hook a little better.

New fenders would be really nice, that might be next winters project.

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