Monday, May 01, 2006

Mounting engine

finished up the 2nd engine today, went to mount it on the chasse this afternoon, the new Lunati crank has a large counter weight on the back where the clutch bolts on. Want to know how you tell if you have a "large" counter weight on your crank? The hole in the center of your block saver plate will not clear it! So monday's project starts with enlarging the hole.
Next will be washing the block that just came back from the machine shop. It was a new block with only a half dozen runs on it when the crank broke last year, as a result it had to be line bored and a "saddle" put in one bore. The block was double bagged and taped. My first thinking was that they had washed it and that was why they had bagged it up so well and taped it. When I finally got the bags open, I was wrong. They must have bagged it so well because they did not want to have any of the metal filings fall out on their floor. I have never seen so much machined metal in a block when i got it back. Looks like a major wash job on it tomorrow also.