Saturday, January 13, 2007

winter rebuild

Well the winter rebuild is getting out of hand and is taking longer than i envisioned. When I took a part my SCS gear box I found that one gear was missing 2 teeth, which I would not expect from 11" gears with only 1 motor going through them. The teeth were ground up and gone! None of the bearings would turn, but none were discolored so it appears that Mobil Synthetic gear oil is good stuff. I called Vinco and True Gear and Spline and ordered new gears. They are on there way.
I have been making a new front axle which has turned into a much bigger job than i contemplated but it is almost finished. Then I will finish up the two motors that I have been awaiting valves and rods for.
The next project after that is the gear box, then back to the other 2 motors. Hopefully by then my new cranks will be here from Crankshaft Specialists for the other motors.

Then I need to make a new draw bar for with the new style hole in it, and a couple other "surprises" for 2007.

One of my goals for 2007 is to keep this news up to date.
If i do not, "remind" me.