Sunday, March 07, 2010

2010 Preparation

The success of the last couple years have not been what I hoped for. It seems since I purchased Kobelco Superchargers, pro mags, a couple engines from Bill Voreis a couple years ago, then changed engine position layout I have had one problem after another that have been a challenge to figure out and correct.

Tractor wise I think I have all the problems corrected finally. Now this year I have a physical problem. The end of last week I went to see a specialist to get the results of a MRI of my should. I have 2 tears in my left shoulder one moderate and one severe. He is we need to operate then 2 -6 months out of work with my arm in a sling with it strapped to my body!

I have a feeling a foot throttle and driving is not going to be an option!

Mike Castner and I were talking about going to Fuchtorf again this spring, with the operation coming up, I hope to have it as soon as possible, I do not think I will be going.

New parts are on the way, I am rebuilding engines and the tractor. I found some damaged valves in one motor, Victory valves stood behind the valves and helped with the replacement which was outstanding. Another had some damaged bearings and which attributed to having to have a crank repaired. I found a Callies crank with 14 runs on it which was a sever crack in it. I sent it back to Callies and they gave me a deal on a replacement crank, which again was outstanding on their part.

The super chargers need restriping; I found one with some big chunks of the Teflon missing. A second one had a bad bearing in it. I have only taken a part 2 of the 4 so far.

A year ago I purchased a new Canon 40 camera, as you can see if you have been on my “pictures” page I have taken quit a few pictures since then. The counter on the camera is up to 20,000 in just over the year. I am wondering if I am even going to be able to take pictures at the pulls this summer with one arm, but we will find out.

Well it is 8 am Sunday and I guess I am heading to the shop.

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